Let US raise OUR kids!!!

I think this is going to be more of a rant than anything. LOL Sorry in advance. 

My husband and I have been trying to be more strict with our kids, because the way we have been handling them surly isn’t working. I’m not meaning strict as in beating them or anything, but more like giving them consequences for their actions. 

Our oldest had a soccer game tonight after school so we ate dinner at my parents house since the soccer field and the school my daughter goes to is only 5 minutes at most from my parents house. Well anyways we were there eating dinner and our 5 year old son who will be starting Kindergarten in the fall didn’t want to eat his dinner. He has always been a VERY picky eater, to the point of if we are having something that he doesn’t like or something that he’s never ate or tried before he wont eat. We’ve even done the whole “either you eat your dinner, or you go to your room with no toys or tv” or ” you sit there at the dinner table until you eat” Nothing has helped. 

Well tonight at my parent’s house, he decided that he wasn’t going to eat his dinner. So I told him “either you sit there and eat your dinner or when we get to the park for Destiney’s game, you don’t get to go and play on the playground before or after the soccer game. And don’t even ask because the answer is no” And he didn’t eat. We got to the park and he asked to go play. And I stuck to my guns with “you didn’t eat your dinner so your not going to play.”  He did his usual whining and left it go. Then my mother in law and sister in law and her kids showed up at the soccer game. And of course he thought he was going to go run off with her kids to the playground. I went and brought both of my kids back to the soccer field from the playground. For one he was told that if he didn’t eat his dinner then he wasn’t playing on the playground. And for two in my opinion a 5 year old and a 2 year old have no reason to be on a playground without a parent. And my sister in law’s 3 kids are only 8 and the twin girls are 6. So really to me I don’t think they should be alone on the playground either but they aren’t my kids so I wont go there. But anyways, I made my two kids come back up to the soccer field to watch their older sister play her soccer game.  That’s what we were there for anyways. 

So my kids stayed with me at the soccer field.  They played behind my chair until the game was over. Then my mother in law, knowing (because I told him at least 5-10 times during the game and I know that she heard me) that I told my son that he wasn’t going to the playground to play because he didn’t eat his dinner, just took both of my kids to the playground with my sister in laws kids. She didn’t ask if she could or even tell me that she was doing it. I turned around and they were all down at the playground. 

So really, what did this teach my son? That whenever she’s around, he doesn’t have to listen to me. My mother in law only lives about 20-25 minutes away from us and only see’s our kids on holidays. She knows that I am a sahm/wahm and she has off work 3 days a week but she never calls to see if she can come see them or calls to see if she can take them for the day. But my kids think the world of this lady. She does stuff with my husband’s sisters kids all the time, but never seems to have time to spend with our kids.But yet she tells everyone that it’s our fault that she never see’s our kids. And then when she is around them, nothing I say goes. 

I’m sorry for the rant. I just had to get it out of my system. If anyone has any suggestions please comment below. I’d even like to hear your MIL stories, or even your opinion. 


Motivational Tip #2

Motivational Tip #2

Tip to help you stay motivated:

Tip 2: Surround yourself with positive or like-minded people.

Spending time with positive people can be inspiring and healthier to your body as well. Avoid people who are negative or manipulative since this will rub off on you. If you are a team leader and you are negative or manipulative it will eventually come back to hurt you and your team. Talk with your friends or family about your aspirations who can provide support or constrictive criticism.

Motivational Tips!

Motivational Tips!

Tip to help you stay motivated:

Tip 1:Make a realistic schedule and stick to it.

Create or write down how you are going to achieve your goals you set. Set a time or date to achieve them. Revisit and update frequently. Annotate what prevented you from achieving the goal or what did you do correctly to achieve that goal.

It Works! Wrap!!

It Works! Wrap!!

FAQ! How does the Ultimate Body Applicator work?
While many body wraps simply cause water loss, the Ultimate Body Applicator uses a botanically based cream formula that, when applied to the skin, gives you tightening, toning, and firming results that last. The botanical ingredients help to deeply hydrate and nourish the skin while reducing the appearance of cellulite and redefining the appearance of your body’s contours. These cutting-edge ingredients work to give you visible results in just 45 minutes, while other ingredients in the formula continue to work over the next 72 hours, leading to progressive results.

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Details of my It Works! Story!!!

If you have been thinking/debating about joining It Works! now is the time to do it!! If you just by April 30th 2014, you are eligible to reach diamond rank and earn a $10,000 bonus on top of the average Diamond rank commission check of $1,910 a month, unlimited weekly bonuses and wrap cash.

In the almost 2 years that I have been with this amazing business, my life and my family’s lives have changed in so many ways. When I started my journey my husband and I were over $10,000 in credit card debt. Plus we had over $800 a month in car payments. Add three kids to put food on the table for. I was working a full/part time job. I say full/part time because I was working at my mother in laws salon and when I was hired I was told that I would be working 35-40 hours a week, and would have to work every other weekend. I didn’t like the idea of working every other weekend because my husband works 6 days a week and Saturdays are his only day off. But I needed a job to help put food on the table and help pay the bills. Well those every other weekend ended up being every weekend, unless I asked off, which was maybe once every two or three months. And then my hours get cut back because of slow periods in the salon. I NEEDED a way out.

I saw a high school friend post on Facebook saying she was trying a wrap that can Tighten, Tone, and Firm your skin in as little as 45 minutes. I myself am a small woman. I am only 4 foot 10 inches and around 100 pounds. But I have had three babies and have extra skin that I just could not get rid of. So when I heard her say that she was trying this wrap and if it worked she was going to become a distributor. I asked her to send me her before and after pictures. She did and I couldn’t believe her results. I contacted her and got information on the wraps and some of the other products. At the time I had no interest at all about becoming a distributor. I just wanted to become a Loyal Customer so I could get the products at a discounted price and earn free products and after my third month get free shipping. So I became a Loyal Customer and as soon as my first shipment of wraps came in I was so excited, I wrapped my thighs an my husbands stomach. We both saw amazing results. I couldn’t believe it. We both wore our wrap for 45 minutes and as soon as we took it off we had results. Unbelievable!! And we both saw even more results for the next three days.

I thought to myself “I know so many other people who could benefit from these products.” I contacted my friend who I ordered my wraps from and asked every question I could think of. I called and bothered her so many times with so many questions, I’m sure I got on her nerves. lol She was new to the business so she had to ask her sponsor for answers as well. I finally had all the answers to the questions that I could think of at the time. And keep in mind that this is the first MLM business that I have ever done. I somehow came up with the $99 to sign up.

I ran with the business at first. I got my 4 Loyal Customers within my first 2 weeks. And then one of my friends joined my team as a distributor and I helped her get her first 4 loyal customers. Everything was going great. Then my sponsor (my high school friend who I signed up under) quit. I was lost. I didn’t know anyone else in the business. I just kept signing up loyal customers. I ended up with about 15 loyal customers within my first 6 months. My paychecks we great. And I was earning applicator rewards. But I was seeing so many other distributors in the groups I was a part on Facebook promoting to higher ranks but I didn’t understand how. It got to a point where I didn’t know what else to do.

Finally I contacted my Double Diamond and Triple Diamond leaders. These ladies were amazing. They helped me figure out what I was doing wrong and what I needed to do to grow my business. All this time I had no clue what I was doing and then when my “friend” quit and left me hanging I was like a fish out of water. She never told me that I had this amazing group of men and women who are always willing to answer questions and help in any way that they can. And in this time I started having really bad back and leg pain. I have been out of work for almost a year now due to a medical problem that is still going on. Without It Works! I truly don’t know what we would of done.

It Works! has helped my husband and I pay off both of our vehicles, which is saving us over $800 a month. And then this March we were able to finish paying off the $10,000 in credit card debt that we had racked up. It Works! has allowed our family to dream again. We no longer have to screen our calls everyday because we didn’t want to have to talk to the credit card companies because we didn’t have to money before to pay them.

Not only has It Works! changed our lives financially but it has changed our lives in so many other ways as well. We have met so many amazing people. Most of them I have never met in person but have talked to them on the phone and of course on Facebook, but I truly see and feel these people are like family to me.

If you have ever thought for a second about starting your own It Works! business do it!! I promise you that you wont regret it. If you have any questions at all feel free to contact me. I am looking for people who are ready to change their and their family’s lives. If your willing to work this business then, this business will definitely pay like a business.

You can contact me at http://www.sexywithjes.com or http://www.skinnywithjes.com or email me at babygirl070683@gmail.com

Business tip of the day!!

Your journey is your Journey!! Don’t compare yourself to others… ever!! If you do it will hold you back from where you could be.  Here are some scenarios to beware of..

The signing up together with a family member or best friend scenario! Sometimes when we sign up at the same time as someone we are close to we tend to compare or feel as though we are in competition with them. To avoid this, make sure that you talk about it before hand. Also make sure that you are upfront right away with them if a problem or bad feeling arises. It is not worth the relationship to be successful! You can have both! Trust me if your not truly happy and genuine about the success that others are having… you will be holding that success from coming to you!

The thinking your not meant for this scenario!! It’s very easy to watch the people around you move faster than you up the ranks, and to start believing that your not good at this business. That’s simply not the case!! Everyone and anyone is meant for this. Instead of getting down ask the people that are moving faster what they are doing and do as they do! Remember, Everyone is different! Some will come in with a huge warm market while you may be starting from scratch. I know that was my circumstance!

The time limit scenario! Whatever you do… DO NOT put a time limit on your success! Do you think Thomas Edison said “I’m going to give this electricity thing one more try and if it doesn’t work, I’m done”? Of course not! He had a passion… vision… drive… and he knew if he kept going long enough he would get to his dream! Do not ever day you will quit or have a time and date set where time is up! Starting now be on a 3-5 year plan! A distributor with a deadline for success is already counting on failing… they even set the date!

Last but not least, the I’m the only one not doing well scenario! Sometimes we hear stories on corporate calls and events and hear people say how they flew right to the top! We start believing that going slower means we are in the minority not the majority! I can tell you from experience that about 1% of us fly to the top over night! The other 99% will take a year or more to see the success they are looking for! Our teams and the company have to edify and highlight when someone does extra ordinary things, this is the only reason why it seems like your not keeping up with everyone else!

I’ve heard someone say one time “your journey is your journey!” In God’s time you will get to the top! When you do it’s going to be one amazing story you’ll be sharing on that stage and I will be cheering loud and proud!! And probably crying too!! lol

Everyone has their own pace, their own story! Don’t try to copy someone else’s, be yourself!