Being a Leader!!

what you do

 You are only as good as what you do not what you say. The minute you sign someone up you are a leader, a mentor, and someone else depends on you! As your team begins to grow your responsibilities grow. You set the tone for the kind of leader you want to be and the kind of person that people look up to. You can either collect a pay check or impact others in a great way! Here are some tips I believe are hugely valuable if your goal is to make an impact and create a legacy.

1) Be There! It sounds simple but I can promise you it’s not that black and white! As you grow and your team grows it tends to get so difficult to physically be there for everyone. This is why it’s so important that your vision gets passed onto the people in your first couple levels. Keeping everything you do simple and duplicatable will be very important! But that isn’t the only thing. .. it’s also teaching your team to be good people. To care about others! To build relationships. Remember, whatever you do with them is what they will know do with anyone they sign so keep it real, be sincere, and work with everyone. Above everything let people know where you stand and what will not be tolerated right out of the gate!

2) Don’t assume. When you’re dealing with people and personalities (which is all this is pretty much) you’re going to have issues. People may bump heads and some may not mesh! In fact there may be even people who aren’t your cup of tea! Whatever happens never forget you are not put in this business or on this earth to judge others! Everyone deserves amazing things and everyone deserves respect. Your role as a leader must never take sides and always be fair. Don’t listen to gossip and never take someone else’s story until you hear all sides! Above everything go to the source and never just take someone’s word about what someone else did. I speak from 4 years of experience when I tell you that 99% of the time you’re not getting the whole story unless you find out truths on your own. Never get involved and pass any judgments ever until you give everyone the respect they deserve and ask them. Your job is peace maker and not a BS taker! NOT IN YOUR HOUSE!

3) What would you want in a leader? I tell every one of my leaders to sit down and write on a piece of paper what they would want in a leader! Look at someone they admire and write down the qualities they love about that person. Then once a month go through their list and ask themselves “am I being the leader for others that I would want for myself? ” If that answer is “No”, then where are you lacking and where do you need to work harder? After all why does anyone deserve less out of you then you would want for yourself? ALWAYS BE THE BEST LEADER YOU CAN AND BE THAT LEADER YOU WANT FOR YOURSELF! You can never go wrong or disappoint anyone of your giving them the best!

4) Your going to make mistakes! We are human and no matter how perfect we believe we are, we will still make mistakes! A great leader admits and then learns! A great leader doesn’t have to be right! A great leader will take the short end of the stick. A great leader doesn’t need to take credit. A great leader would gladly step aside to let a team member shine! Constantly be learning and growing and self developing. .. that is the only way to be great!

5) Set an example!  My favorite leadership saying is “I would never ask anyone on my team to do anything I wouldn’t do myself! ” this is so true. The most respected leaders are the ones that walk the walk. They get out there every day and show people what to do instead of telling them what to do. No one likes a leader that orders people around. Walk right along side your team not behind or in front. ..right along side. You need to be out blitzing, wrapping, repeating, attending trainings, getting on calls, and in the trenches every single day! That is where you will get the most out of your team. A great exercise is to take about 30 minutes each night and reflect over your day! Write down all the things that worked and you were proud of and then write down things that you feel didn’t go well and you would like to do differently next time around! This is a great way to learn from any mistakes and grow. It’s also a great way to see what you did that worked so you can do more of it! Reflecting will play a huge role in your leadership journey!

I hope you will read through this again very carefully and take it to heart, because is an important part of your journey on leadership and self discovery. Thanks for being amazing!