Why I truly love this company!!

I have been an It Works! Independent Distributor for a little over 2 years ago and I am amazed every day by the heart of this company’s leaders.

This company is truly about changing lives not only from the amazing natural products, but also from the once in a lifetime business opportunity. When I first heard of the wrap, I was a skeptic. There was no way that a non woven cloth with a good smelling lotion on it could tighten, tone and firm my skin, and help me get my before baby belly back. I wanted to try the product first. So I became a Loyal Customer, I agreed to a three month commitment, where I was to purchase at least one product a month for a minimum of 3 months on an auto ship. I could change my order each month to which ever product I wanted to try, as long as I had one product on my order. For my first month I ordered a box of wraps, since that’s what caught my eye to start with. At the time the wraps were on a 6 week back order. That’s right I said 6 WEEKS!! When I placed my first Loyal Customer order I knew that the wraps were on a back order, and I was willing to wait to try them. But you know what? It Works! still gave me a $20 product credit for waiting for them to come in. In this day and age, how many companies do that? Not very many these days. Other companies that I have purchased products from, if there was something that I wanted on a back order, I didn’t have a choice to order it, or if it wasn’t known that it was on a back order at the time I placed my order, I wasn’t even notified that the product was on a back order until my other products showed up on my doorstep. And then I was given a time frame as to when it would show up at my house. And I’ve even had a few times that the products just never showed up, I never got a email or phone call. That to me is poor customer service. But It Works! truly cares about their customers. And for them to give me a $20 product credit for ordering something that was on a back order, was mind blowing to me. I felt like they were a down to earth company that actually cared about their customers, and wanted to please them. That was one of the main reasons that I even considered joining the business. To me a company that cares so much for their customers, is a company that I want to work with. Lets face it, there aren’t that many good companies around any more.

It Works! is a debt free company, and takes pride in being debt free. So much so as to, they want all of their distributors living a debt free life. They have even offered $10,000, $15,000, $25,000, $50,000, $75,000, and $100,000 GOOD (Get Out Of Debt) bonuses to their distributors. Of course they didn’t just hand these bonuses out, you had to work your butt off to get them. But I cant even count how many people I know that received at least one of these bonuses. And know quite a few that received multiple bonuses. And they have started these bonuses up again. Has your employer ever offered you a bonus to this altitude? Or any type of bonus incentive for that matter?  With our economy these days, most people have gone years with out a raise. But It Works! knows what it means to truly be debt free.

In August of 2014 they even announced a TooGood promotion. For every one new Loyal Customer and one new distributor that you signed up in the month of August you got an entry into a drawing. On the first Saturday of  September, It Works! drew 20 names. And It Works! paid off $20,000 of debt for each of those 20 distributors who’s names were drawn. And guess what? They are doing it again in September. So 20 more lucky distributors lives will be changed because of this business.

I am amazed every month when I hear my team talking about how their life and their family’s lives are changing with this amazing business. And I am so grateful for finding this Crazy Wrap Thing, and this amazing business opportunity.

But the money isn’t the only reason why I love this business…

I love getting phone calls, text messages, and emails from my Loyal Customers explaining what our products have done for them. I even get Loyal Customer, whom I’ve never met in person before, calling me or texting me, crying because they feel so much better from one or more of our products. Or because they have their self confidence back from our wraps. That right there makes everything that I do worth it. I will never say that running my business is easy, but seeing peoples lives transform in front of my eyes, and their confidence levels go up even just a little, reminds me why I do what I do.

So now I ask you, do you love your job?  Can you honestly day that your job is life changing? Do you honestly make decent money for what you do, for the countless hours that you put in each week? If you answer is “no” Please contact me and lets chat. I am not the type of person to push you into anything.  I will just let you know how It Works has changed my life, and my family’s lives so far on my It Works Journey, and ask you what your goals for your future are. Plain and simple. No pushy sales person here. 🙂


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