Stop Watching Me.. Let’s Get You Started Today!!!

Stop Watching Me.. Let's Get You Started Today!!!

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Business tip of the day!!

Your journey is your Journey!! Don’t compare yourself to others… ever!! If you do it will hold you back from where you could be.¬† Here are some scenarios to beware of..

The signing up together with a family member or best friend scenario! Sometimes when we sign up at the same time as someone we are close to we tend to compare or feel as though we are in competition with them. To avoid this, make sure that you talk about it before hand. Also make sure that you are upfront right away with them if a problem or bad feeling arises. It is not worth the relationship to be successful! You can have both! Trust me if your not truly happy and genuine about the success that others are having… you will be holding that success from coming to you!

The thinking your not meant for this scenario!! It’s very easy to watch the people around you move faster than you up the ranks, and to start believing that your not good at this business.¬†That’s simply not the case!! Everyone and anyone is meant for this. Instead of getting down ask the people that are moving faster what they are doing and do as they do! Remember, Everyone is different! Some will come in with a huge warm market while you may be starting from scratch. I know that was my circumstance!

The time limit scenario! Whatever you do… DO NOT put a time limit on your success! Do you think Thomas Edison said “I’m going to give this electricity thing one more try and if it doesn’t work, I’m done”? Of course not! He had a passion… vision… drive… and he knew if he kept going long enough he would get to his dream! Do not ever day you will quit or have a time and date set where time is up! Starting now be on a 3-5 year plan! A distributor with a deadline for success is already counting on failing… they even set the date!

Last but not least, the I’m the only one not doing well scenario! Sometimes we hear stories on corporate calls and events and hear people say how they flew right to the top! We start believing that going slower means we are in the minority not the majority! I can tell you from experience that about 1% of us fly to the top over night! The other 99% will take a year or more to see the success they are looking for! Our teams and the company have to edify and highlight when someone does extra ordinary things, this is the only reason why it seems like your not keeping up with everyone else!

I’ve heard someone say one time “your journey is your journey!” In God’s time you will get to the top! When you do it’s going to be one amazing story you’ll be sharing on that stage and I will be cheering loud and proud!! And probably crying too!! lol

Everyone has their own pace, their own story! Don’t try to copy someone else’s, be yourself!