Debt Free is the New Sexy!!

Debt Free is the New Sexy!!

I am looking for 4 fun, motivated, ready to bust some butt for the next 3 months and earn a $10,000 bonus. This company has changed my life in so many ways, and I am looking to help mentor 4 more new team members and help them do the same. Why not take your tax return and buy your own business? $99 has changed my life and has been one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. Contact me to find out if this Crazy Wrap Business is for you.


“No thanks! Looks like a Pyramid Scheme!”

People crack me up when they say MLM is just a pyramid scheme. I say take a look at the place you work at!!! With my business I have the opportunity to pass and make more than the person above me, do you? Get with me to start your business and take control of your Life and your Freedom!!

This Valentine’s Day

This Valentine's Day

A time to think.
Open your heart to the love God instills…
God loves you tenderly. What he gives you is not to be kept under lock and key, but to be shared. – Mother Teresa

A Time to Act.
Reach out and help someone by sharing your love and time.

A Time to Pray.
On this Valentine’s Day, as we share tokens of affection from our hearts with those we love, we remember that You are the lover of our soul.

I love what I do

This month has been so busy and is flying by. Not only am I going for a few promotions this month, including a $10,000 bonus, but we are also potty training our 2 year old daughter. She is really doing well. I believe that she is has been the easiest so far.

So between working my business, adding new team members and helping them grow their business and getting them trained, and their business launched, potty training Peyton, and don’t forget all of the snow days. February has been a busy and AMAZING month so far.. I’ve got so many parties already scheduled for the weekends, and a few meetings during the week in the evenings.

I enjoy doing parties.  Not just because of the amazing wrap cash, but also because it gives me a chance to get out of the house and around other women.  So I get adult time. lol  Yes I love my children to death, but some days, I just need to have someone else to talk to besides conversations with Aaden (our 5 year old son) and Peyton (our 2 year old daughter).

Doing wrap parties and individual wrap sessions make me so happy. I love seeing the reactions on peoples faces when I take their wrap off, and put their before and after pictures side by side.  Theirs nothing like seeing instant results, and helping people change their lives. Lets face it, spring is right around the corner.  And who doesn’t want to get back into that bikini?

Check out this 2 minute video which explains what I do as a Wrapreneur.

If you want more information please fill out the Contact form and I will get in touch with you ASAP!!

Not a short cut!!

I’ve said it from the beginning..  I’m not endorsing a quick fix or a lazy shortcut to health and fitness. My wraps, skin care, nutritional products, and dietary supplements will aid in overall health. Additionally, the integrity of our natural, organic, and NonGMO resources, the knowledge of our formulators, and the transparency of our leaders is second to none. Take the time to read this great article and then check out my website.