Why do so many people pick Direct Sales Companies?

After being in this business for over 2 years now, I have come up with these reasons. Note: this is my opinion.

*Flexable hours

*Discount on products

*Being your own boss

*Car Bonuses (most companies)

*Vacation Bonuses (many companies)

*Working with friends and family

*Unlimited Income potential

*Getting paid to play on Facebook

*Getting paid to talk about products you love (you usually talk about products you love anyways, so why not get paid for it)

*Working part time and earning a full time income

*Residual income (some companies)



*The tax write-offs available with owning your own business

*Low start up cost

*Low monthly cost to run your business


These are just a few reasons why I personally love having my own direct sales home based business. What are your reasons for doing what you do? Comment below. I’d love to hear your feedback and opinion.


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3 Basic Principles of Network Marketing

3 Basic Principles of Network Marketing

“1. There are no shortcuts. As with any endeavor, if you want to succeed you must be prepared to work hard, and work smart. And that starts with mastering the skills that have been proven to work by the millions who have already built successful businesses.

2. There are no excuses. It something isn’t working for you, you have to be prepared to change. That doesn’t mean looking around for a better company, a better system, or a new idea. It means changing you. Perhaps your attitude, the way you present yourself, the way you communicate, or your understanding of how your business works.

3. There are no trophies for trying. Network Marketing rewards results. Not everyone will make it because not everyone is prepared to do what it takes. If you are prepared, the rewards you receive will make it all worthwhile. If you decide network marketing is not for you, you will have risked nothing and lost nothing. One of the strengths of the industry is that you can even keep your regular job while you are building your business.”

Looking for….

Looking for....

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